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The Emergency Rescue System of General Aviation Industry in China


Released by the Air Medical & Rescue Congress China 2011:

The general aviation industry as part of the current emergency rescue system for needs in China is increasingly important. Aircraft, especially fast, efficient helicopters less subject to geographical factors such as space constraints, are widely used in many countries as the most effective means of emergency rescue. Applications of emergency rescue helicopters include quickly reaching the water, the implementation of search and rescue at inaccessible spots on land, material transport, airborne command, and other tasks.

According to statistics, many countries have developed national conditions of the air rescue system. In the U.S. the rescue helicopters total nearly 10,000, in Canada there are more than 1,000, while our professional rescue fleet is only 30 planes, many of which are small tonnage. According to the survey, as of the end of 2010 there are only a little over 1,000 general aviation aircraft, with only 70 supporting the airport. This has seriously affected China’s general aviation industry and the development of our emergency rescue system.

Fortunately, a recent air authority wishing to speed up China’s general aviation development plans that: Starting in 2010, funding for the construction of general aviation in China will be no less than 150 million yuan each year; to formulate measures to speed up China’s general aviation emergency rescue system.

Air Medical & Rescue Congress China 2011 will focus on low-altitude airspace opening in China. In this area, the general aviation emergency rescue system will create new opportunities and discover the potential of the general aviation market. Through the conference we’ll discuss China’s general aviation in depth and the needs of emergency rescue industry and business opportunities, as well as share ideas and technology innovation.

Highlights include:

1. Emerging general aviation & air emergency opportunities

2. The areas of low-altitude opening for the aviation rescue industry: From equipment to construction support

3. China’s air rescue system and pilots: What are the opportunities?

4. Helicopter air rescue: Construction, operation and technical support

For more details and updates, please contact:

Ms. Melissa Lim, Event Manager

Tel: 86 21 5179 5513

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