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Soldier in Critical Condition After 4,000ft Fall in Skydiving Training Exercise


A soldier who apparently lost control during a sky dive in Canada is in critical condition after being transported by air ambulance to Foothills Hospital. Amazingly — unbelievably– after falling from an altitude of 4,000 feet, the soldier survived.

An air ambulance service was called to the scene at Beiseker Airport, north-east of Calgary. The man had hit the ground hard after falling thousands of feet following a loss of control in the air.

Initial reports claimed that the soldier’s parachute had malfunctioned. However, the newest information says that the soldier lost control while trying to execute a 360 degree turn in the air as part of the training.

When he tried to execute the turn, the maneuver somehow turned into an out-of-control spin.

Others watched the soldier turn around several times in the air. He was still turning as he hit the ground. Following the impact, the soldier’s parachute may have sprung open.

The 25-year-old British soldier apparently sustained “significant trauma” after the accident. When the air ambulance arrived, the patient was miraculously alive, but in critical condition.

By the time the air ambulance lifted off the ground, EMS, RCMP, and local firefighters had been responders at the scene.

It was reportedly the soldier’s first jump.

Further investigation will take place to determine exactly why the accident occurred.

The name of the soldier has not been released at this time, but his family has been notified and have already made the trip to Canada.

The jump was part of a skydiving training exercise for the British military, who have trained soldiers at the facility for some time.

According to an article from the Calgary Herald, the owner of the skydiving company insists that his facility follows proper safety guidelines and that injuries are bound to happen; he estimated that injuries happen once in about 1,500 jumps. He also said that the soldier should have been able to lift his arm to stop the turn and avoid the loss of control that appears to have led to the accident.

Skydiving injuries are, indeed, rather common. It is a common opinion among some skydiving companies and instructors that severe injuries that occur during jumps tend to attract more attention from the media than similar incidents in other sports/activities.

According to the same article, earlier this year, a 25-year old soldier broke his leg during a training exercise.

In 2007, a 23-year old soldier with the 4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland fell to the ground in a skydiving accident, but, tragically, did not survive.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the soldier and his family during this difficult time. We wish the young soldier the best on the road to recovering from the fall.

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