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UK Celebrates National Air Ambulance Week


Today marked a great start to the first day of National Air Ambulance Week 2012 (NAAW 2012) in the United Kingdom.

Air ambulance services all across the UK will be participating in the awareness campaign which runs until September 30. Some of the air medical services involved in NAAW 2012 will be holding various fundraising events for the public, such as “fly-ins” where residents can see their local air ambulance land and take off.

Events like these also present a great opportunity for locals to actually meet the air ambulance crews who regularly risk their own lives to save lives in their community.

As there are so many air ambulance services in the country whose critical, life-saving air medical operations are fueled entirely by charitable contributions from the public, with no direct government or lottery funding, National Air Ambulance Week is an especially important time of year. Emergency air medical services in the United Kingdom are always in need of financial support to keep their air ambulances flying.

To illustrate how much money must be raised, consider this: it can take well over a million GBP — or a lot more — just to keep just one of the emergency services operating.

Charities that support the work of life-saving air ambulance crews in the UK have had to deal with a lot of nonsense in the past few years; the most recent hit being the money stolen from the Black Horse.

This year, the 7-day event will be taking place from September 24 – 30. Even if you can’t participate in any of the scheduled events in person, National Air Ambulance Week is a perfect time to make a donation to your local air ambulance charity.

YouTube Video: Sir David Jason explains why people should support National Air Ambulance Week 2012.

Air Medical Net wishes all the air ambulance services and operators participating in NAAW 2012 the best of luck in their fundraising endeavors this week.

Photo: E Gammie

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  1. Rhys Davies

    9 / 27 / 2012 11:48 am

    great idea which gives the public the opportunity to meet the air ambulance and rewarding work raising for a good cause


  2. David AndersonDavid Anderson

    10 / 10 / 2012 2:40 am

    This webpage has some pictures from National Air Ambulance week at Trafalgar Square London if anyone is interested. Great shots of the choppers and double decker buses!


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