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UAE Readies Air Ambulance for Malala


Continuing the story we reported last Thursday, it looks like the United Arab Emirates will most likely be sending an air ambulance to Pakistan to fly out Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old women and children’s rights activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban while she was riding the school bus.

This news comes after both Pakistani airline PIA, and President of the United States Barack Obama, had offered to provide an air ambulance for Malala.

Visas are still being prepared for the air medical crew and six flight doctors who will accompany Malala on the international air ambulance flight between Dubai and Pakistan.

At the present time, there have been arrangements made to treat her at three different hospitals located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Air Ambulance a “Contingency Plan”

Despite the United Arab Emirates planning to send the air ambulance, there has still been no decision made by Pakistan to send the girl abroad for treatment. The UAE air ambulance is part of a “contingency plan,” according to the Pakistani military.

Presently, Malala is being treated in a military hospital in her home country. Doctors removed the bullet from her neck. The bullet apparently entered her head, miraculously missing her brain, before travelling to her spine. Doctors have said that she is making “slow and steady” progress.

As the air ambulance flight to the UAE is merely being considered as a contingency to Pakistani military officials at this point, it stands to reason that they believe her status is such that she may recover from her injuries in the military hospital where she is being treated.

14-year old Malala was shot in cold blood by a man in a Pakistani police uniform for criticizing the leadership of the Taliban and for promoting education for girls. She publicized the Taliban’s iron-fisted, Islamic fundamentalist behavior when they entered the valley where she lived.

The Taliban took full responsibility for the shooting and said that they would shoot the child again if given the opportunity.

Photo Credit: Pakitrojan [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0]

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