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Malala’s Air Ambulance in Flight to UK Hospital


This is just a quick update to let our readers know that as of minutes ago, Malala, the 14-year old girl shot by the Taliban whose story has made international headlines this past week, has finally been flown to the UK for advanced treatment of her injuries.

The air ambulance flew across several borders from the UAE to Pakistan to pick up Malala from a military hospital. The air ambulance then flew Malala from Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

The 14-year old activist had been receiving care at the military hospital for the past few days, but her condition apparently had not stabilized by Sunday. She is still on a ventilator at the time of this writing.

The air ambulance arrangements were finally made after a medical panel recommended the transport to a facility in the UK with higher capability to provide care to children who have suffered severe injuries.

The news that the air medical transport of Malala is underway broke amid reports that Pakistani security officials have arrested three brothers of a senior Taliban commander from the village where she was shot, for possible links to the attack that was intended to kill the young girl.

The Pakistani government has made it clear over the past several days that they will seek out and bring the men involved in the callous attack to justice.

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