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EC155 and EC130 Showcased at Air Medical Transport Conference


Today and for the next two days, American Eurocopter, one of the U.S.’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of civil helicopters and rotor-wing air ambulances, is showcasing the University of Michigan’s EC155 and Air Methods’ EC130 at the 2012 Air Medical Transport Conference in Seattle, WA.

The helicopters being showcased at the AMTC represent some of the most technologically advanced civil aircraft in the world today.

By demonstrating the aircrafts’ capabilities at the Seattle conference, they hope to gain an even larger share of the HEMS market. American Eurocopter, a bonafide air medical industry leader, had approximately 50% of the U.S. air ambulance aircraft market according to 2005 data.

American Eurocopter’s EC130 B4 is used by several major air medical services in the U.S. and around the world.

Air medical services that use the EC130 in their fleets include (but are not limited to):

  • 8 operated by MedFlight of Ohio
  • 6 operated by Air Methods
  • 3 operated by Medi Flight Oklahoma
  • 1 operated by the University of Iowa
  • Several others used for emergency air medical services in Australia, Brazil, and other countries

The EC155 is another helicopter that is well suited to the specific operating demands of air medical services. Survival Flight recently replaced its former fleet with three American Eurocopter EC155 B1s, the first EC155s to be configured as air ambulances in the United States.

These helicopters have ample power and cabin space to accomodate the needs of air medical services like Survival Flight, which makes between 1,000 and 1,500 patient/organ transports a year.

Besides their cabin space and performance, these helicopters are also perfect for use as emergency air ambulances due to their fenestrons (enclosed tail rotors) and wide doors that make loading and unloading of patients and medical equipment easier for crews.

For more information on the EC155 and EC130, as well as the other helicopters Eurcopter makes for the air medical service industry, you can stop by booth #619 at the Air Medical Transport Conference, at the Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Place, Seattle WA.

The AMTC will be taking place until this Wednesday, October 24. You can view more information on American Eurocopter and its AMTC events at

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  1. #1 EMS Crew#1 EMS Crew

    11 / 27 / 2012 6:48 am

    The EC 130 eurocopter is one of the best rotor aircraft used by air medical services in my opinion. I have no experience with the EC 155 heli but I know the EC 130 is fast and has more space for transporting patients than some other helis. The enclosed tail rotor makes it safer as well for urban environments. I think more hospitals and air ambulance companies near cities should use helicopters like the EC 130 because if nothing else, having the extra protection around the rotor doesn’t hurt whene your pilot is already maneuvering around power lines and telephone lines. I don’t know the statistics so this is just my opinion but I would think that adding any level of additional safety to the currently high risk field of air medical transport couldn’t hurt. Just adding my two cents.


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