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Herts Air Ambulance Charity Targeted by Thieves


The latest incident in the unfortunate string of air ambulance charity thefts that has plagued us over the past few years, the Herts Air Ambulance charity has now been targeted by thieves.

The incident occurred on December 29, but an article about the theft just appeared on earlier today.

Among the valuable items stolen from the charity were electronic equipment and a cell phone. A double-glazed door was also severely damaged during the break-in.

As always, it is a sad state of affairs when an air ambulance charity is targeted. One would think that even the average career criminal would have the base level of conscience needed to avoid pilfering from any charity that directly funds the saving of lives.

Certainly then, these type of thieves represent the lowest of the low — the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. Hopefully, law enforcement will be able to catch those responsible for the theft from the security camera footage.

The charity has increased its security and is continuing to look at other potential measures to prevent these type of break-ins and ensure safety of the air medical crew and staff in the future. Please consider making a donation to the charity and read more about the incident and the response at Herts Air Ambulance.

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