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Air Ambulance Pilot Takes the Scenic Route Back to Base


After we blogged about the incident where an air ambulance hit a deer on the runway this week, another recent, unusual happening involving both an air ambulance and a hoofed grazing animal was brought to our attention.

Air Medical Net received an email (Thanks, Jason!) about a story that happened last year which somehow escaped our bloggers’ radar screens.

It was in the vicinity of Granite Creek, Colorado, last September when, according to an article published on Catholic Online, an air ambulance pilot on the job decided to take a detour to observe a herd of elk.

The incident was apparently reported to state authorities by hunters and wildlife watchers who were concerned when they saw what they observed to be a helicopter dipping out of the sky and buzzing a herd of elk several times.

In fairness, the pilot denied he was harassing the animals and claimed he merely wanted to get an up close look at the elk.

Furthermore, there was no patient on board the medical chopper at the time. However, there was, according to KOAA, a medical crew on board.

It’s not all that unusual for wildlife authorities to get reports of low-flying aircraft that witnesses perceive as “harassing” local wildlife. For the digression, the pilot was charged a nominal $200 fine.

He also received 10 points against his hunting and fishing privileges.

Have you experienced, witnessed, or read about any other unusual air ambulance stories you think should be mentioned on our site? Post your comments or stories below.

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