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Air Ambulance Finds Trapped Person to Be a Real Dummy


An English air medical flight crew and a paramedic team rushed to the scene of what they thought was an emergency — only to discover that the person trapped inside wasn’t trapped… or a person.

A parked vehicle blanketed in snow and encased in a layer of ice, with someone inside, was reported to emergency services. The good-hearted, well-intended person who reported the emergency was unable to gain access to the interior of the vehicle, and believed the victim trapped inside was unconscious and not breathing.

Technically, they were correct. On both counts. For when the air ambulance crew and paramedics arrived at the scene, after a careful assessment of the situation, they realized they were responding to a mannequin sitting inside a parked car.

The “victim” was sitting upright in the back seat of the vehicle and was apparently fully dressed with a blanket wrapped around it.

The person who initially reported the trapped person as well as the flight crew and EMS personnel that arrived were concerned that the person would be suffering from cold weather exposure due to the icy conditions outside the vehicle.

Any passerby could have made the mistake, especially given the “bizarre” circumstances (in the words of a East of England Ambulance Service spokesman) the mannequin was found in — Upright, clothed, and perceivably huddling for warmth in a blanket.

While no one was actually in danger, all parties — the samaritan who reported the emergency, East of England, the air ambulance crew, the ground paramedics — did exactly the right thing.

Thus, we are merely left to wonder: Why on earth was the mannequin dressed that way?


Sources: MSN News, Daily Times, Twentieth Century Fox

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