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Air Ambulance Makes Emergency Landing in Madison County, MS


A Mississippi air ambulance carrying a patient and three flight crew had to make an emergency landing in Madison County Thursday night, due to mechanical problems.

All four people were taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson with non-life-threatening injuries, according to WLOX 13.

The four people on board the aircraft included a patient, pilot, flight nurse, and paramedic.

According to WJTV, MedStat’s CEO said the pilot made a precautionary landing in an open field on Ratliff Ferry Road in Madison County.

The property owner was quoted by WLOX 13 as saying “I heard a helicopter just really, really, really loud. Then it sounded like a motorcycle. Then all of a sudden it got really loud and it sounded like it really was in my driveway.”

“I jumped up and ran to the door and there was nothing out here and the noise was gone,” he continued. “So I went back to my chair, then all of a sudden there were police cars, ambulances and two or three helicopters.”

VIDEO – The News for South Mississippi

MedStat officials said the air ambulance, a Eurocopter AS350, was transporting a patient from Pioneer Hospital in Ackerman to Baptist Hospital when it made the emergency landing. The patient did not suffer any further injuries from the landing, according to Madison Emergency Management/Homeland Security Director Butch Hammack.

He also commended the pilot for the skillful landing of the aircraft.

“He saved everyone’s life,” Hammack said.

The helicopter reportedly sustained “substantial damage” from the emergency landing. As is normal under the circumstances, the FAA will be investigating what they have classified as an “accident.”

WTVJ further quoted MedStat’s CEO as saying “The only person injured in the crash was the pilot.”

A second MedStat helicopter flew in and continued transporting the patient.

A helicopter from University of Mississippi Medical Center flew in to pick up the pilot, who reportedly suffered an injury to his back.

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