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NPR Interview with Female Doctor Who Brought Air Ambulance to Nigeria


National Public Radio has just posted a great interview on their site with Dr. Orekunrin, the female doctor and helicopter pilot who brought air ambulance service to the nation of Nigeria. It was a feat some had seen as improbable, if not impossible.

A “flying doctor” herself, Dr. Orekunrin proved that she had the skills and dedication to make Flying Doctors Nigeria a reality. FDN and Dr. Orekunriun has been mentioned before on this site, but this interview, as well as some other reading I’ve done recently, proves that the organization deserves a closer look. Hopefully, we will have more information or an interview with them ourselves in the near future.

In the meantime, you can read the full NPR interview, where Michel Martin talks with her about her experience creating Flying Doctors Nigeria. It’s good reading for everyone in the air medical business.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview:

MARTIN (NPR): So how do you think you were able to do it? ‘Cause you did do it. It is in fact up and running now. And it’s not just you. You actually manage a whole group of physicians like yourself – of medical professionals yourself, right?

OREKUNRIN (FDN): I think that one key was I was a doctor and I’d seen air ambulance services work in the past. I’d thought about it. I’d visited several and listened to their stories quite carefully. And I was willing to put everything that I had into it. And I think that maybe some of the people that had come in the past, number one, weren’t doctors. They didn’t have, perhaps, the necessary expertise, and they were in it for the money. And it’s very, very, very hard to start a business when you’re solely in it for the money. I mean, you can be 50 percent in it for the money, but there has to be a part of you that is really genuinely passionate about a cause that is beyond money. And I think that that’s one of most important points about entrepreneurship.

For even more, see her TED interview here.

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