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Nice HD Video of Air Ambulance Taking Off


Not sure what service this air ambulance belongs to, but this is a pretty cool video of it taking off.

All I really know is that it’s shiny, yellow, and it’s taking off majestically from a location, probably on Earth. However, yellow is a pretty popular color as far as rotor air ambulances are concerned, which is probably why so many of them get pulled over for speeding.

This yellow medical helicopter was also filmed once, by somebody. I could ask the uploader of the video on YouTube, I suppose, but I decided to make it as difficult as possible instead.

How about you, Air Medical Net readers? Can you identify what air ambulance service/company this helicopter belongs to?

…Or what country it is from?

I want to say that this video was recorded by a phone somewhere in the United Kingdom, but that’s only a hunch. I really have absolutely no idea. Perhaps you have better vision / video bandwidth than our staff does this morning. Comment below if you know the answer to any of these pressing questions.

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