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About AirMedical.Net

Air Medical Net, formerly Air Ambulance Weekly, is an independent daily blog intended for air medical professionals, enthusiasts, and all those interested in the air ambulance industry. Our other main focus is on trying our darndest to offer relevant, helpful information for air ambulance patients and families; shedding light on various esoteric aspects of patient air transport.

About our web site

Because we are not run by or partnered with any air ambulance services at this time, we are in a unique position to offer insights and views from a non-partial angle.

An Air Medical Community

Our staff of experienced bloggers is dedicated to staying on the razor’s edge of the air medical world; discussing the latest news, hottest topics, and most critical issues affecting air medical transportation and EMS in general.

Our readers are highly encouraged to get involved in the site and add to the discussion with their own unique personal knowledge & opinions.

The three primary aims of our online magazine are:

  • To keep our readers up-to-date on new developments in flight and medicine.
  • To encourage discussion of current issues facing air medical transportation and air ambulance crews.
  • To explain and deepen understanding of issues regarding the future of the aeromedical field.

Original Content, Unique POV

Via deep discussion of current events, new regulations, and technological advancements in the aviation and aeromedical fields, our blog strives to provide essential, thought-provoking reading for pilots, EMS flight crews, and patients alike.

Our writers and bloggers are knowledgeable about current air medical topics and make an effort to go “above and beyond,” offering unique points of view and looking at stories that affect the air ambulance community from different perspectives than readers may be used to.

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Air Medical Net provides a perfect channel for EMS and air medical services, medical equipment suppliers and manufacturers, and other health care advertisers to market themselves; reaching the exact target audience looking for their services and products.

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