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Pilot in Tragic London Crash Flew for Air Ambulances

Pilot in Tragic London Crash Flew for Air Ambulances

Captain Pete Barnes, an air ambulance pilot with over 12,000 hours of flying time, was flying a helicopter over London today in bad weather conditions, when his aircraft tragically collided with a cloud-shrouded crane on top of one of Europe’s highest residential buildings and lost control.

At this time, it is believed that the helicopter was on a commercial flight from Surrey to Elstree when Captain Barnes attempted to divert to a helipad in London due to the bad weather. The crane was completely obscured by clouds at the time of the crash.

Eighty-eight firefighters responded to the chaotic scene. A police spokesman declared it “something of a miracle” that the crash, which occurred in central London, was not “many, many times worse.”

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787 Electrical Fires, Fuel Leaks Lead to More Groundings

787 Electrical Fires, Fuel Leaks Lead to More Groundings

The outlook for Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner is looking bleaker by the day.

Most recently, all 787s in Japan were grounded after another incident involving one of the aircraft led to an emergency landing.

Smoke was detected on-board by the aircraft’s computer systems, and a burning smell in the cockpit was reported by the 787 crew, leading to an emergency landing. The incident led to the grounding of all 787s operated by Japan’s two largest airlines.

It has been speculated that the incident may have been related to the high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that are used in the new aircraft. These can store much higher amounts of energy, can be recharged much more quickly, and are even much more lightweight than other types of batteries.

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Mercy Air Ambulance Hit by Green Laser

Mercy Air Ambulance Hit by Green Laser

According to an article posted by 10 News, a rotor air ambulance from Mercy Air experienced a laser pointer incident not once, but twice, while on its way back from transporting a gunshot victim.

The laser strikes occurred sometime around 1AM Pacific Time yesterday, according to 10 News.

Aiming any kind of laser at an aircraft is a felony. Those who are charged with interfering with aircraft using easily-available handheld lasers can be charged with heavy fines and often prison time — and the perps are caught more often than you might think.

In this case, a Sheriff’s helicopter was dispatched to the area where the strikes were reported by the air ambulance. Unfortunately, in this case, they were unable to find the person who had been shining the laser. Typically — and especially in the case of repeated laser strikes against an aircraft — police aerial units can often pinpoint the location using sophisticated equipment.

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Romney’s Old Firm to Buy Air Ambulance Service

Romney’s Old Firm to Buy Air Ambulance Service

According to a filing with the Federal Trade Commission and a report by Moody’s Investor Services, Mitt Romney’s old asset management and financial service company Bain Capital is purchasing the established air ambulance service REACH that operates in Texas, California, and Oregon.

Air Medical Group Holdings Inc., which was bought by Romney’s old investment firm and became its subsidiary in 2010, will take on roughly $250 million in debt in order to fund the acquisition.

According to a report on the Dow Jones LBO Wire, experts expect the purchase to increase Air Medical Group Holdings Inc.’s debt-to-earnings before interest taxation depreciation and amortization to between 6 times and 6.3 times, up from 5.8 times. However, they also predict that that ratio will fall under 6 times debt to Ebitda in the next 12 to 18 months “due to anticipated continued growth.”

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STAT MedEvac Clinical Op Director Receives Leadership Award

STAT MedEvac Clinical Op Director Receives Leadership Award

John W. Lovett, Clinical Director of the STAT MedEvac air medical transport service of the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh, just received the STARS of Life Award at The Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania (AAP) Leadership Conference.

Lovett was recognized at the AAP Leadership Conference as a quintessential leader in quality assurance and patient/provider safety.

His work integrating the concepts and philosophy of the CAMTS-required “Just Culture” into his organization’s air medical program was recognized as well.

Additionally, John’s work with a Jewish Healthcare Foundation EMS safety/quality fellowship grant to investigate the application of aviation safety initiatives to the delivery of patient care was recognized.

Pictured: John W. Lovett (center), RN, MSN, MBA, CMTE, CFRN, Director of Clinical Operations, STAT MedEvac

Lovett’s receipt of the Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania award reflected his reputation as an “independent, critical thinker; self-motivated and dedicated to patients, his colleagues and the organization.”

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