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FEMA, DOD Airlift Medical Professionals into NYC

FEMA, DOD Airlift Medical Professionals into NYC

USTRANSCOM, the sub-department of the US Department of Defense known as the United States Transportation Command, airlifted 300 medical professionals into New York City yesterday.

These airlifted medical personnel are desperately needed in the areas of New York City most affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Primarily, these teams of healthcare professionals known as Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT), including nurses and doctors, will be attending to New York’s at-risk nursing home residents and other at-risk elderly.

USNORTHCOM, the United States Northern Command that provides military support for civil authorities within the U.S., has staged four medium rotary wing utility aircraft and four medium rotary wing “Search and Rescue” aircraft at Hanscom AFB, Mass., for potential logistical and search and rescue operations along the coasts of Mass., Conn., and Rhode Island to provide support for FEMA.

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EC155 and EC130 Showcased at Air Medical Transport Conference

EC155 and EC130 Showcased at Air Medical Transport Conference

Today and for the next two days, American Eurocopter, one of the U.S.’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of civil helicopters and rotor-wing air ambulances, is showcasing the University of Michigan’s EC155 and Air Methods’ EC130 at the 2012 Air Medical Transport Conference in Seattle, WA.

The helicopters being showcased at the AMTC represent some of the most technologically advanced civil aircraft in the world today.

By demonstrating the aircrafts’ capabilities at the Seattle conference, they hope to gain an even larger share of the HEMS market. American Eurocopter, a bonafide air medical industry leader, had approximately 50% of the U.S. air ambulance aircraft market according to 2005 data.

American Eurocopter’s EC130 B4 is used by several major air medical services in the U.S. and around the world.

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Medal of Honor Recipient Chronicles Air Medical Operations in Vietnam

Medal of Honor Recipient Chronicles Air Medical Operations in Vietnam

As the U.S. solemnly remembers the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, one highly decorated veteran has helped us to remember the sacrifices made by military air ambulance crews during the conflict.

In Dead Men Flying: Victory in Viet Nam, Medal of Honor recipient Major General Patrick H. Brady (Ret.) tells how U.S. humanitarian air medical evacuation efforts originated and eventually played a critical role in the Vietnam War.

These aeromedical missions were not limited only to rescuing American soldiers, but Vietnamese soldiers and civilians as well.

The heart of the U.S.’s airborne medical evacuation efforts in the war was comprised by the operation Dust Off, a very dangerous helicopter rescue operation. Each air medical crew in Dust Off consisted of four people: two pilots, a medic and a crew chief. Gen. Brady headed the 54th Medical Detachment, which was directly responsible for saving the lives of literally thousands of enemy and friendly personnel.

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Wow! Air Ambulance Gets a $400000 Repair Bill

Wow! Air Ambulance Gets a $400000 Repair Bill

We all know that air ambulances by nature take a ton of money to upkeep. Routine maintenance and checks for ultra-high-tech, flying ICUs inherently result in expensive, but inevitable, repair bills.

Notwithstanding, this headline caught our attention; mainly due to the number of zeroes involved.

Joe Willis from The Northern Echo reported that a helicopter from Great Northern Air Ambulance Service recently was required to pay for a replacement gearbox after the old one reached the end of its 300-hour life. How much did it cost to replace that single aircraft component? 250,000 in British Sterling.

The roughly $400,000 USD bill is a reminder of exactly how important the public donations to the emergency air ambulance service are.

Incredibly, the single part could have cost the air ambulance service about 900,000 GBP new (that’s a trifle less than $1.5 million for those of us across the pond). Luckily, the company was apparently able to locate a like-new, reconditioned gearbox that “only” cost $400,000.

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Malala’s Air Ambulance in Flight to UK Hospital

Malala’s Air Ambulance in Flight to UK Hospital

This is just a quick update to let our readers know that as of minutes ago, Malala, the 14-year old girl shot by the Taliban whose story has made international headlines this past week, has finally been flown to the UK for advanced treatment of her injuries.

The air ambulance flew across several borders from the UAE to Pakistan to pick up Malala from a military hospital. The air ambulance then flew Malala from Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

The 14-year old activist had been receiving care at the military hospital for the past few days, but her condition apparently had not stabilized by Sunday. She is still on a ventilator at the time of this writing.

The air ambulance arrangements were finally made after a medical panel recommended the transport to a facility in the UK with higher capability to provide care to children who have suffered severe injuries.

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