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Flying Car PAL-V One Taking Off, “Hybrid” Air Ambulances in Our Future?

Flying Car PAL-V One Taking Off, “Hybrid” Air Ambulances in Our Future?

Forget about flying “spy drones” for a moment – what do you think about looking up and seeing these flying around?

Bringing new, smirking meaning to the word “convertible,” a company in the Netherlands recently completed the successful maiden flight of what may turn out to be the first flying car viable to be produced and sold commercially.

The PAL-V One is a two-seat personal flying vehicle (essentially a “flying car”) that allows the user to drive on the road, take off into the air, and, of course, land back on terra firma. It’s essentially a hybrid between a futuristic passenger car and a gyroplane. The PAL-V company appears determined to get their design past the prototype stage into a design customers around the world can buy and operate within their country’s aviation laws.

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Bermuda to Lose Its Only Air Ambulance Company?

Bermuda to Lose Its Only Air Ambulance Company?


As I was sipping a white chocolate mocha and checking up on the latest aeromedical news this Monday evening, I noticed that trusted Bermudan news source The Royal Gazette published a story forecasting a troubled future for Bermuda’s only air ambulance service (at least, the only ambulance actually based in bermuda). Not a very upbeat way to start the week in air medical news, but a very important story to blog about nonetheless.

According to the article, Bermuda is at risk of losing their sole on-island air ambulance service unless an investor comes forward to save it by purchasing it. The cost of purchasing the Bermuda air ambulance? $2 million.

Bermuda could have to rely solely upon overseas operators unless an investor purchases the company.

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London Air Ambulance Launches Online Interactive Mission Map

London Air Ambulance Launches Online Interactive Mission Map

Coming soon to a laptop near you: A London-based air ambulance service has just launched a novel new feature on their web site. The air ambulance’s Interactive Mission Map (which just seems like something that should have an acronym — we’ll say IMM for now) is a way for the charity-funded air medical organization to not only raise vital awareness of its activities, but remind computer-savvy Londoners of the critical service that they provide to the M25.

The online map displays the locations of emergency air ambulance missions carried out by London’s Air Ambulance. Currently, the interactive map displays missions going all the way back to January 1 of this year.

Via the Google Maps API integration, internet visitors to the web site can use their mouse to zero in on particular regions — large or small — and see exactly how often the air ambulance has been responding to transport calls in that area. By clicking on the individual markers or “pins” on the screen, you can even see more details about the particular missions: the incidents involved (such as falls, stabbings, car accidents, rail accidents, and so on) and the time the marker was last updated; talk about an innovative way to remind computer users how much we depend on air ambulance services.

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Missing Air Ambulance Crash Site Found in Chile

Missing Air Ambulance Crash Site Found in Chile

An INAER air ambulance that went missing over Chile on Thursday morning has been found. The plane crashed, and there are no survivors.

Eight people were on-board:

Nicolás Vidal Hamilton-Toovey, pilot
Hernán Soruco Angulo, co-pilot
Esperanza Sáez Díaz, patient
Luis Valenzuela Brito, husband of the patient
Paul Moya Manzor, flight nurse
Juan Cristóbal Rivera, paramedic
Juan Burcherd González, air crew member
Guillermo Severy Traversa, physician

At this time, the cause of the crash is not known.

Chilean aviation authorities have confirmed that the missing air ambulance, a 300-series twin-turboprop Beechcraft Super King Air, crashed near Puerto Aguirre, in the region of shared Argentinian-Chilean territory known as Patagonia. INAER’s CEO said that the pilots and crew had excellent knowledge and expertise, and that the plane was up-to-date regarding all required inspections and documentation.

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