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What Does 911 Texting Mean for The Future of EMS?

What Does 911 Texting Mean for The Future of EMS?

A few days ago, an assortment of jurisdictions (see a full list here) spread across the United States began allowing people to send text messages to 911 rather than calling.

One of the more obvious benefits of 911 texting include greater ease of communicating with emergency services for deaf people. In addition, it may be easier for victims of domestic violence to text 911 in circumstances where a voice call would be dangerous for the 911 caller.

Other potential benefits of sending text messages 911 rather than calling and conversing with a 911 operator in real-time are… not so obvious.

People in cities where emergency service texting is already up and running can simply text 911 with all the details of their emergency. They’ll need to remember to include their location in the text… something that could easily slip their mind in an emergency.

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The Children’s Air Ambulance Charity Money Stolen

The Children’s Air Ambulance Charity Money Stolen

A UK air ambulance charity has been the target of yet another callous air ambulance charity break-in. A large amount of money was stolen (exactly how much is not yet known). You can read the full story with much more information at the Nottingham Post.

The gutless thieves apparently made their way into the charity shop of The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) through the back door, using a wrench to break in to the building.

They then ripped a safe containing “a considerable amount of money” off the wall.

Money that was donated by good-hearted people to support a life-saving UK air ambulance.

And, of course, the charity will have to pay for a new door and a new safe as well, bringing their total losses from this senseless break-in even higher.

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Electrostimulation Could Help Some SCI Patients Walk Again

29 October, 2013 In the News
Electrostimulation Could Help Some SCI Patients Walk Again

DailyTech reports that researchers are exploring an exciting area of study related to the effects of electrical stimulation to the lower spine. The therapeutic goal of these experiments, according to DailyTech, is to give paralyzed patients the ability to walk again.

However, there have been complaints from those involved in the experiments that the FDA is holding them up with red tape. Perhaps it’s at least understandable that the FDA is a little leery about allowing human patients to be implanted with new devices and charged with electricity without going through the usual long, rigorous application and testing processes that comes to mind whenever we think of government agencies with three letters in their names.

But watching from the outside and at face value, and with the number of people in the world who suffer from paralysis and/or spinal injuries and could possibly be treated with something as “simple” and ubiquitous as electricity… Well, it’s hard not to immediately sympathize with the researchers.

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Air Ambulance Makes Emergency Landing in Madison County, MS

Air Ambulance Makes Emergency Landing in Madison County, MS

A Mississippi air ambulance carrying a patient and three flight crew had to make an emergency landing in Madison County Thursday night, due to mechanical problems.

All four people were taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson with non-life-threatening injuries, according to WLOX 13.

The four people on board the aircraft included a patient, pilot, flight nurse, and paramedic.

According to WJTV, MedStat’s CEO said the pilot made a precautionary landing in an open field on Ratliff Ferry Road in Madison County.

The property owner was quoted by WLOX 13 as saying “I heard a helicopter just really, really, really loud. Then it sounded like a motorcycle. Then all of a sudden it got really loud and it sounded like it really was in my driveway.”

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Backpacker Falls to Death from Helicopter During Winch Rescue

Backpacker Falls to Death from Helicopter During Winch Rescue

Sky News and IANS are reporting that a backpacker has fallen to his death from the helicopter that was about to transport him, as the crew tried to rescue him.

We do not have very much information regarding the accident at this time. What we know is that the man was apparently being airlifted following an injury to his ankle while walking near Mansfield, a town located within the foothills of the Victorian section of the Australian Alps.

According to a spokesperson for the ambulance, the accident occurred while the team was attempting to get the patient into the aircraft. Sky News reported that the man fell 100 feet.

The following quotes are taken from the IANS report:

“I understand he was at the door of the helicopter and they were attempting to get him into the helicopter when it happened,” said the chief executive of the air ambulance company. “The flight crew and the paramedic winched back down to the scene to attempt to resuscitate the patient but unfortunately he was beyond help.”

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