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The Children’s Air Ambulance Charity Money Stolen

The Children’s Air Ambulance Charity Money Stolen

A UK air ambulance charity has been the target of yet another callous air ambulance charity break-in. A large amount of money was stolen (exactly how much is not yet known). You can read the full story with much more information at the Nottingham Post.

The gutless thieves apparently made their way into the charity shop of The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) through the back door, using a wrench to break in to the building.

They then ripped a safe containing “a considerable amount of money” off the wall.

Money that was donated by good-hearted people to support a life-saving UK air ambulance.

And, of course, the charity will have to pay for a new door and a new safe as well, bringing their total losses from this senseless break-in even higher.

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