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Air Ambulance Service Provision for Employees

“Smart” businesses are more than aware of the perks that come with good employees. At the same time, good employees are becoming more and more difficult to catch. The first-class “doers” today’s companies need are not merely concerned with monetary compensation, but are looking for worthwhile benefits as well.

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If your business needs a great “perk” to spice up your employee benefits package, you could do much worse than providing lifesaving coverage for air ambulance services for all your workers. They’ll be grateful.

Companies may find that they can scope out terrific savings on air ambulance service coverage for multiple employees. The price for these services can be covered either partially (split between the company and employee requiring service) or entirely by the business.

A Perfect Match

Air ambulance service is not only an affordable “coverage” to add to your benefits package, but it’s a perfect match for those who travel frequently on business. Many of these coverage plans will have requirements, such as that the employee can only utilize the coverage when the patient is a specific number of miles from home. If the company has umpteen employees that regularly need to commute on business trips across state lines or international datelines, then adding air ambulance service coverage for those on-the-go employees makes perfect sense.

We all know medical emergencies are not always the sort of thing you can predict. Of course no one who heads off on a business trip expects to ever need air ambulance services — the old “it won’t happen to me” thing. However, things can quickly get very complicated and costly both for the employee and the company if the employee needs to be transported home without having pre-paid coverage for the flight ahead of time. International patient transport costs, when unexpected, can be staggering — no need to even mention the lost productivity (that equals time and money) that the business could sustain without an important employee in the machine.

They’ll Thank You

Today’s workers will appreciate the coverage for the occasion they or someone in their family needs to be flown to a particular location for treatment. It makes good business sense to offer this kind of “rainy day” protection for employees — smart employees realize the value that being covered for the air ambulance provides.

Hospital in ConnecticutOf course, as with anything in business today, you’ve got to make sure to choose the right service provider and plan. Some of the main issues to mull over before contracting include the particulars of the specific coverage package. Make sure to read ALL the fine print on the contract, and ask questions about coverage exceptions. Typically these types of plans will have text that states the coverage will not be extended to the patient in certain limited cases, such as if the injury or illness is drug or alcohol related.

The most liberal coverage plans will allow for the ambulance to fly in regardless of the medical circumstances. Naturally, it’s more important to get the overall best air ambulance service rather than the ambulance that will come regardless of situation, but this is a good basic criteria to go by when trying to decide between providers, all things being equal. At the very least, this will allow for the employees of your company to get back home to their family and to a hospital covered by their health insurance.

Finally, we arrive at the last tip: it’s important to affirm whether the air ambulance service operates nationwide or globally. For companies with a large number of employees who travel internationally on business, this is a no-brainer.

In Summary

Getting the best employees is critical to getting to the top in your industry. Attracting employees today is done not only with higher salaries, but great benefits packages as well. Air ambulance service is one valuable benefit you should consider adding to your company’s employee benefit package.

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